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Dr. Lambe

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H. Donald Lambe MD



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3540 Forest Hill Blvd
Suite 102
West Palm Beach, FL
Phone: (561) 964-1200
Fax: (561) 964-1803

        Dr. Lambe is a Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon who has
been practicing in the West Palm Beach area for 30 years. He is
trained and knowledgeable in modern techniques of orthopedic surgery
and in the past has performed thousands of successful surgeries.
He currently limits his practice to conservative, non-surgical
orthopedics and refers his patients who need surgery to appropriate
specialists in whom he has personal confidence. His approach to
patient care has always emphasized non-surgical methods, whenever
possible, and he will only recommend surgery when it is absolutely
necessary. Dr. Lambe does not employ any physicians' assistants or
other "physician extenders" and every patient will see the doctor
himself on every visit, providing a level of personalized care
unsurpassed in the community. Our office staff are all very
professional, friendly, and courteous, and waiting room times are
generally very short. During office hours, callers will always speak
directly to a staff member, and not to a voice menu system.

Dr. Lambe is currently on a leave of absence and is not seeing patients.

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